Parents Activities

Parent Education Programme


Every family member is willing to communicate with each other, express their personal opinions, and share their personal experience and advice.
Strengthening family bonds during the class of learning and creating a harmonious parent-child relationship.
Sharing their visions on lives, creating a common vision for the family, and developing a sense of belonging by providing school and social services.
Parent Support – Parent Education and School Contact
- Saturday Parent Workshop for Primary 1
- Parent Education & Service Team
- Parent Teacher Association and Parent Volunteers
- Parent Handbook (for Primary One Admission / e-Notice uploaded on the School Intranet)
- School Webpage and Notice
Parent Education

* Positive Education for Parents

* Parent Workshop for Understanding Adolescence (in school or by external unit)

* Parent Education & Support (sponsored by the school or the external unit “Parent Teacher Association”)

* Training Programme and Sharing Sessions for Parent Volunteers (Parent Teacher Association)

* Parent Seminar Delivered by Educational Psychologist (in school)

* Parent Seminar Delivered by Speech Therapist