School Profile

1 September 1984
As the school building was not fully built when the school was founded, the Christian Alliance H. C. Chan Primary School borrowed space from Buddhist Bright Pearl Primary School and Christian Alliance Cheng Wing Gee College successively for teaching.
September 1985
Providing classes at the school building in Chun Shek Estate in the early days, our school has increased our teaching capacity from 207 students and 11 teaching staff across 6 classes in the first year to over 800 students and 56 teaching staff across 24 classes as can be seen today.
June 1986
Our school church, the Chinese Christian and Missionary Alliance Fung Shing Church, was officially launched.
Under the support of the Education Bureau, we expanded our school with a two-storey new building (new wing) composed of 6 rooms to make space for a central library, student activity centre and music room. The new wing was named as SW Chan Building while the central library was named as Lee Kam Leung Memorial Library. All classrooms and school hall were equipped with air-conditioners, all computer rooms supported the school policy of "one person, one computer", and each of our classrooms was installed with a network system and a screen display so that our teachers could teach with the use of information technology.
School-based management was officially launched.
January 2000
Gazebos were built for our students to sit in and enjoy lunch.
March 2000
A network system was built to provide internet service school wide, the 306 multimedia computer room was put into operation, and projectors were installed in computer room, special room and school hall.
15 April 2000
The opening ceremony of the Lee Kam Leung Memorial Library was held with a collection of more than 6,000 books and nearly 1,000 multimedia materials.
May 2000
The Parent Teacher Association was established.
January 2001
The Alumni Association was established.
November 2001
With funding from the Quality Education Fund, the Information Technology Learning Center (ITLC) was officially launched.
October 2002
The English reading corner was built behind the school hall.
August 2004
The construction of “Gifted Education Resource Centre” was completed.
September 2004
The improvement project was completed for the indoor playground by refinishing the floor, installing air-conditioners and placing audio-visual equipment, it was named as Mrs SW Chan Playground.
1 September 2005
Principal Mr Choy Poon Yeung retired and our vice principal Ms Yeung Yun Ling took over the position.
1 September 2006
The construction of “Rainbow Garden” was completed.
1 September 2007
Christian Alliance H. C. Chan Primary School converted to whole-day operation at the original location.
Our "Parents Resource Center" was officially launched.
The construction of “Exploratory World” was completed.
30 August 2008
The “Incorporated Management Committee” was officially established.
July 2009
The “Community Resource Center” was officially founded.
The construction of “Community Playground” was completed.
3 July 2009
The campus TV, JTV, was officially launched.
1 September 2009
The consturction of G02 Group Teaching Room was completed.
October 2010
The“Digital Arts Basic Room” was officially launched.
1 September 2011
The consturction of G01 Group Teaching Room was completed.
22 February 2014
The“Digital E-Learning Centre” was officially launched.
1 September 2015
The construction of staff room was completed.
November 2015
Under the Fourth Strategy on IT in Education - Enhancing Schools’ WiFi Infrastructure (WiFi 900), we have completed the project by upgrading the school's wireless network infrastructure.
August 2016
The floor refinishing of the school hall was completed.
May 2017
The new air-conditioning system of the school hall was completed.
August 2017
The enhancement of the projector and audio system of school hall was completed.
11 May 2019
The school playroom was officially launched.
29 December 2019
The vacant school building of former Sung Lan Middle School located at Mei Lam Estate, Shatin, was allocated by the Education Bureau for reprovisioning.
1 September 2020
Principal Ms Yeung Yun Ling retired and Principal Mr Ng Chak Loi took over the position.
17 July 2021
Our students, alumni and parents commemorated the past together in the ceremony “Farewell to Old Campus”.
1 September 2021
Our school was relocated to the Mei Lam Estate of Sha Tin District where the new school year started.
5 September 2021
New gatherings were held in the new campus by the Chinese Christian and Missionary Alliance Fung Shing Church.
18 December 2021
Our school launched the worshipping ceremony in praise of the Lord.